Psi-kekw keti mewi • Tout va bien aller • Everything is gonna be fine • Wela’sitew na

Mario Doucette (Canadian, b. 1971). 1755 (Se réfugier dans la forêt II), 2007. Pastel, ink, pencil and acrylic on wood veneer, 76 cm x 106 cm. Collection: New Brunswick Art Bank

February 16 - June 2, 2019    |    Regular Exhibition

Psi-kekw keti mewi • Tout va bien aller • Everything is gonna be fine • Wela'sitew na
An exhibition celebrating 50 years of the New Brunswick Art Bank

Three emerging curators come together to explore the provincial Art Bank collection. Through dialogue and research, along with group and personal connections with the artworks, they explore and share their perspectives on what the Art Bank’s collection says about us as a region and a society, and how it helps us understand not only where we’ve been, but also where we may be headed.

Curated by Erin Goodine, Emilie Grace Lavoie, and Emma Hassencahl-Perley. Organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in participation with the Government of New Brunswick.

A free tour and talk with the emerging curators will take place on Thursday, February 21 at 7:00 pm; all are welcome to attend this presentation.

April 25, 7:00 pm: How to apply to the New Brunswick Art Bank. This informative and non-intimidating seminar in the RBC Learning Centre is designed to help visual artists and gallerists better understand the process of applying to the New Brunswick Art Bank.


Artists featured in the exhibition:

Marie-Hélène Allain
Dominique Ambroise
Paul André Babin
Edward (Ned) Bear
Shirley Bear
Jennifer Bélanger
Jack Bishop
Bruno Bobak
Molly Lamb Bobak
David Bobier
Joël Boudreau
Marjolaine Bourgeois
Dolores Breau
Luc Charette
Herménégilde Chiasson
Francis Coutellier
Isabelle Devos
Steven Dixon
Mario Doucette
Alexandrya Eaton
Darren Emenau
Francine Francis
Yvon Gallant
Claude Gauvin
Paul Griffin
Don Gould
Catherine Hale
Herzl Kashetsky
André Lapointe
Mathieu Léger
Chris Lloyd
Jennifer Macklem
Karan Helten Maguire
Raymond Martin
Robert McLean
Nancy Morin
Robert Percival
Shane Perley-Dutcher
Sylvie Pilotte
Peter Powning
Dennis Austin Reid
Neil Rough
Vienna Sanipass
Anne-Marie Sirois
Alan Smith
Tom Smith Jr.
Anna Torma
Brigid Toole-Grant
Marie-Reine Ulmer
Sgoagani Wecenisqon
Stephen Williams
Dan Xu
Istvan Zsako