Happy birthday to us!

Beaverbrook Art GallerySeptember 16, 20170 Comments

58 years ago today, this Gallery first opened. It was a little smaller then, of course – the original building featured just 3 exhibition spaces.  We’ve renovated these spaces along the way a few times, but they all still remain today, as the Canadian, Harriet Irving, and Orientation Galleries.

Lord Beaverbrook himself said that, “it may be that I am recalled chiefly as the builder and founder of an art gallery.” Would he have imagined his Gallery would become what it is today? In the past 58 years the Gallery spaces have been updated and expanded, including multiple renovations, re-naming, and the addition of outdoor spaces.  And in a little over a month, we’ll be opening our latest expansion, a new pavilion adding space to the east of the building.

This birthday may not be a milestone year (our 60th isn’t far off!), but it’s still a special one for us. As we move closer to an even bigger, even better Beaverbrook, we’re still remembering our roots and beginnings. On this, our 58th anniversary, we want to say thank you to everyone who has supported the Gallery and we hope to see you for many years to come!

What is your best memory at the Gallery in past years?

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