Happy Birthday Lord Beaverbrook!

Beaverbrook Art GalleryMay 25, 20170 Comments

Happy Birthday Lord Beaverbrook!


To celebrate Lord Beaverbrook's birthday today, we've got a roundup of 5 interesting facts about the man himself: 


1. Sir Max Aitken (Lord Beaverbrook) was born in Ontario on May 25, 1879 and moved to New Brunswick at the age of 1. That would make him 138 years old today!

2. When he was given his title, he originally considered the title Lord Miramichi before choosing Lord Beaverbrook – he chose Beaverbrook on account of being easier to pronounce, and having a distinctly Canadian-sounding ring to it.

3. In 1918 he became the Minister of Information for the British government – his post-WW1 legacy in both England and Canada was long lasting, including multiple books, a newspaper empire at the Daily Express, and many other business ventures.

4. Lord Beaverbrook now has 17 buildings (at least!) named in his honour – in addition to the many buildings and statues in New Brunswick, he also has a neighbourhood in Ottawa named after him!

5. Lord Beaverbrook founded the Beaverbrook Art Gallery as a gift to the people of New Brunswick – the permanent collection at the Gallery was started with only 959 artworks, and has now grown to around 6,000!


Also, don't forget to join us this Sunday, May 28th from 11am- 2pm to celebrate Lord Beaverbrook Day! Full schedule available here

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