Collecting our Thoughts: Volcano Saga: Streams and Mountains

Beaverbrook Art GalleryFebruary 21, 20170 Comments

Celebrated multimedia artist Joan Jonas (American, b. 1936) is one of the most internationally renowned performance artists at work today. Her epic tale: The Volcano Saga was commenced in 1985. This photograph is from this first year of the saga’s production. They are simultaneously, stand-alone photographic works as well as pieces of her live performances, video works and installations based upon this narrative. This photograph, and the others in the series, is based upon her recounting of an Icelandic folktale about a woman named Gudrun who recounts four mysterious dreams to a soothsayer.


Collecting our thoughts is an occasional series of short reflections on works in the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s permanent collection. We want to share some of the treasures we have in the building (and on display) with our guests and members of our community, and tell you a little about why we think they’re special – and hopefully you’ll agree!

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