Collecting our Thoughts: Rencontre entre rouge et bleu

Beaverbrook Art GalleryJanuary 15, 20170 Comments

Denis Juneau (Canadian, 1925-2014) was a renowned Canadian painter from Montreal and a leading figure in the Canadian plasticien movement. Works such as Rencontre entre rouge et bleu, 1981is a fine reductivist work by the artist that echoes sentiments by other North American minimalist contemporaries such as the Quebec born American artist Dorothea Rockburne.

This work by Juneau is from his period of inquiry into making his compositional gestures far simpler, a result of a seeming transparent overlay of two asymmetrical rectangles upon a square format. Akin to works by Guido Molinari of this same time period, Juneau sought to create engaging and dynamic interplays through the most reserved, understated formats. In the spirit of Mondrian, he counterbalances large areas of solid colours in such a way that we nevertheless continue to visually explore their poised balance and complexity.


Collecting our thoughts is an occasional series of short reflections on works in the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s permanent collection. We want to share some of the treasures we have in the building (and on display) with our guests and members of our community, and tell you a little about why we think they’re special – and hopefully you’ll agree!

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