BRB and Off the Walls: Photo recap!

Beaverbrook Art GalleryFebruary 10, 20160 Comments

BRB and Off the Walls: Photo recap!

On Saturday, January 23rd, we hosted two events to celebrate and say thank you to our current galleries on the eve of their radical makeover, as well as take the opportunity to host activities in the spaces we would not normally be able to, as all the artworks had been removed.

During the day, we saw some 750 guests attend our Off the Walls family art and fun afternoon, participating in mural making with Jason Willcox, gumball artworks with Franz Spohn (where they re-created van Gogh’s The Starry Night), other art activities, snacks and refreshments, and the musical entertainment of Scotty and the Stars.

In the evening, over 200 guests took part in brb: the Beaverbrook Renovation BLOWOUT. They, too, were invited to contribute to murals, with Jason Willcox on-hand to provide advice or inspiration, and gumball artworks with Franz Spohn (this time, the works recreated were Lawren Harris’s Lake and Mountains; and C.M. Coolidge’s A Friend in Need, better known by its series name, Dogs Playing Poker!). Guests were also treated to a dance floor featuring DJ Nasty Naz, as well as a bar that – gasp! – even served red wine and colas for the night.

Thank you to all who attended for making this such a wonderful way to close our doors; we look forward to welcoming you all into a newly renovated Beaverbrook Art Gallery in May – we think you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait!

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