On display now: Portrait of a Lady Fern and A Study of Flora, Fauna and Fungi

Beaverbrook Art GalleryDecember 11, 20180 Comments

Portrait of a Lady Fern and A Study of Flora, Fauna and Fungi, by Janice Wright Cheney; part of the exhibition Depository Park.


These two artworks reflect Cheney’s interest in forests, and specifically Odell Park. This sample of old growth forest, along with the biodiversity, health, and richness of life it…

This week at the Gallery – December 10 – 16

Beaverbrook Art GalleryDecember 7, 20180 Comments

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Curator Crunch: Join Manager of Collections and Exhibitions John Leroux each month for an exciting, intimate, and fast-paced look at artworks on display. Designed to…

On display now: KLATTÄ/EAB

Beaverbrook Art GalleryDecember 6, 20180 Comments

KLATTÄ/EAB (Emerald Ash Borer), by Jennifer Lee Wiebe; part of the exhibition Depository Park.


Using the logo and a world map decal from IKEA, Jennifer’s artwork in this exhibition addresses the spreading issue of the invasive beetle, the emerald ash borer (EAB).

“The green liquid is symbolic of the emerald ash…

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