Renovation and expansion update: February 29

February 29, 2016

Demolition and prep work has continued in the British Gallery, including removing the wall covering (and bringing to light remnants of previous exhibitions – when removing the wall covering, our demolition team found writing from a work featured in the 1999 exhibition A Theatre of Presence!). We’ve also continued to remove now-obsolete infrastructure from the space.

In the High Gallery, we recently saw the removal of the stairs (with quite a bit of jackhammering required – the concrete was quite solid!). With the new floor level, these were unnecessary, and were removed to make way for the new components.

Speaking of raising floor levels, steel beams have been brought in, and many already installed to support the new floor. Some of the beams required for the project weigh over 1,600 lbs. – no small feat to move them into place, then! As those have been welded into place, work has also started on removing the old floor.