Campaign Newsletter - Fall 2017

October 11, 2017

This fall, we will celebrate a project many years in the making. On October 14 and 15, 2017, we will open our new pavilion in grand style, with a series of events to welcome and celebrate our donors, supporters, members, fans, and visitors. The $26.4 million raised so far shows the dedication of the community in supporting the visual arts and this institution.

The success of a project of this magnitude is only possible with the generosity and talent of a great many people. Thank you to the federal, provincial and municipal governments, and to the private patrons who have given their support. We are very grateful to all the donors to the Beaverbrook Campaign for helping make this vision a reality.

In addition to financial support, a project like this one requires the time, effort, and commitment of the many individuals who work to bring this vision to fruition. James C. Irving, both as Chair of the Beaverbrook Campaign and of the Gallery’s Building Committee has provided a great service, as has the Manager of the Campaign, Nancy Coy. The campaign cabinet and staff and volunteers have all contributed with commitment and passion. Thank you to you all for your many hours of work.

Architects MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple have created a building of timeless beauty. We are grateful to them, and to Project Manager Greg Cook and all of the contractors and suppliers for bringing this architectural vision to life.

And, of course, I would be remiss not to thank the Gallery’s board, staff, and volunteers, for their continued support, dedication, and hard work. Many hours have been spent planning these new spaces and the new programming needed to fill them with activity.

As much as we are now celebrating an accomplishment, we are also looking for new ways to move ever forward. Work remains to raise the remaining $4.1 million to ensure we are able to deliver as much quality exhibition programming as possible and to maintain the space to the highest standards over time.

Our dreams are also set ever higher: Our concept for this project includes further development, including ‘phase 3’ of the building project, a long addition that would extend the south arm of the pavilion and sweep forward all the way to the western end of the building. The resulting wing would give a modernized face to the Gallery, and provide even more opportunities to engage and inspire all New Brunswickers and visitors to the province, and to further enrich lives through art.

As we join in celebrating the accomplishment of this new pavilion, and the new opportunities it affords our Gallery and our province, we hope you will also join with us in making these next steps a concrete reality.

With good wishes,
Bernard Riordon, OC
Interim Director & CEO

The Governors’ Legacy Initiative

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is pleased to announce an initiative honouring the legacy of members of the Board of Governors who have advanced public good through exceptional leadership. Their personal commitment to our organization’s mission made them important advocates for the cause, and helped spread the organization’s message and its connection to the greater community.

Governors of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, over the years, have contributed their time, passion, expertise, relationships, and finances to the Gallery’s cause. they have overseen the Gallery’s policies and activities, and have been responsible for assuring that the Gallery’s work is consistent with its mission and that it complies with its obligations. By carrying out their duties of care, and through their commitment to the organization, Governors have helped to ensure that the Gallery uses accountable practices, develops strategies that lead to success and sustainability, and nurture a culture of integrity through a commitment to ethical values and practices. Since the Gallery was founded by Lord Beaverbrook and dedicated to the people of New Brunswick, and the first governing board was formed in 1958, Governors have established organizational identity, ensured that resources were available to competently operate the facility, provided oversight to the CEO and staff, and protected the Gallery’s assets.

Governors have persevered in this commitment through good times and bad. Contending with the challenges of growth, they have supported and overseen the addition of the east and west wings in 1983 and the construction of the Marion McCain Atlantic Gallery in 1995. For over a decade, the disputes with the Beaverbrook United Kingdom Foundation and Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation absorbed the Board’s time and energy, until both were settled by 2014.

In 2009, 150 Canadian contemporary works of art were acquired by gift as a focus of the Gallery’s 50th anniversary celebrations. That same year saw the refurbishment of the Gallery’s lower level as the first phase of the Beaverbrook Campaign launched into action. In 2016, renovations to the newly-named Harriet Irving Gallery, the foyer, and the orientation gallery were completed. Now, in 2017, the
Gallery’s East wing is being transformed into the international wing, and the pavilion, the newest addition to the Gallery, will open in October, making the Beaverbrook Art Gallery the largest art gallery in Atlantic Canada.

The members of the Board of Governors have stood with the Beaverbrook Art Gallery every step of the way on this incredible journey of growth and progress. Their record of excellence in board leadership, their strong commitment to the organization, and the positive impact of their actions have contributed to a high quality of operational excellence befitting the provincial art gallery of New Brunswick. Through their foresight and generosity of spirit, contributors to the Governors’ legacy initiative make a crucial difference by creating a sound foundation for the future growth and vitality of art at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

A legacy is a way of acknowledging the pleasure that the Beaverbrook Art Gallery has given you and many other visitors. Your gift ensures that the Gallery continues to connect the legacy of the past, the people of the present, and the generations of the future. Donations to the Governors’ Legacy Initiative may be directed towards three program areas:

The Molly Lamb Bobak Children’s Art Education Program
Support for this program means that more children will have the opportunity to participate in activities designed with learning through art in mind. The program also provides materials and qualified art educators to deliver art education programs at the Gallery and in rural and isolated communities across the province. These funds will provide resources and the opportunity for children to participate in an art enrichment program they would not have access to otherwise. The goal for this initiative is $500,000.

Acquisition Program
Support for this area is support for strengthening and expanding the scope of our permanent collection. The Gallery’s principal acquisition interest areas include regional, national, and international historical, modern and contemporary art; Inuit and First Nations; and Folk Art. In 2016 the Gallery received donations of approximately 1,450 works of art, and there is still lots of opportunity and need to grow the collection. Funds are required to support the purchase of works, as well as the associated costs of acquisition of art, to reinforce our core collection strengths and to add important cultural diversity.

Building Program
With the addition of the new pavilion, the Gallery will expand in size by some 14,000 square feet. Support for the Gallery’s long-term maintenance and capital requirements is crucial to ensure stability of the infrastructure.