Pledges & Frequency

Pledges are commitments made in good faith to donate an amount over a specified period of time.

You may choose to give in a single payment or make a larger pledge with regular contributions over a set period of time, up to five years.

Contributions can be realized through scheduled payments such as monthly or

quarterly instalments as you determine. You receive a tax-credit receipt annually for the amount contributed in that year.

Pledge Form - You will be asked to complete a pledge form indicating your intended level of contribution, its designation (if desired) the frequency and method of payment instalments.

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Outright Gifts

This includes gifts made using cash, credit, or debit cards. You receive a tax-credit receipt for the full amount of your gift immediately.

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Gifts of Appreciated Shares & Securities

Bonds, Shares and Mutual Funds, when donated to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, are eligible for capital gains tax exemptions by the donor (based on changes made to federal taxation rules in 2006).

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Online Giving

You can make a gift online through our main website's donation page! Please select "Capital campaign" as the type of donation.

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You may also wish to consider directing a Will bequest to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery – we would be pleased to discuss available planned giving options. For information call Nancy Coy, 458-2035.