Make this gallery your gallery. Let us say, our gallery. Make it our playground, our delight, our source of inspiration.- Lord Beaverbrook, 1959

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery: Creating Here and Now

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is a dynamic, leading visual arts institution, a cornerstone in the cultural life of New Brunswick, and a vital community meeting place. It belongs to all New Brunswickers and celebrates the extraordinary legacy of Lord Beaverbrook. It promotes engagement with the visual arts by linking artists with audiences and making its internationally renowned collection of masterworks and programs accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, by organizing and presenting compelling exhibitions that highlight the distinctiveness and diversity of New Brunswick, Atlantic, Canadian, and international art, and by providing multiple points of entry and learning opportunities for visitors to experience the full spectrum of the visual arts in stimulating and participatory ways.

With exciting plans for expansion, the Beaverbrook art Gallery is charting a bold new future that will significantly enhance its public programs and identity as a landmark destination. Converging architectural goals with social and cultural goals, the new and improved Beaverbrook Art Gallery will raise the bar by providing a stimulating constellation of experiences that will contribute to New Brunswick’s quality of life, to the promotion of creative thinking and artistic excellence, and to important economic opportunity in the province. It will not only mean exciting new partnerships with New Brunswick’s vibrant arts community as a living laboratory of contemporary ideas and creativity, but with schools, community groups, and local businesses, and will allow more people to participate in the Gallery’s many popular programs and events.

The new and improved Beaverbrook Art Gallery will signify the value of collaboration, providing a link to communities throughout the province by reinforcing New Brunswick’s collective history and shared values through the visual arts.