Beaverbrook Art GalleryOctober 30, 20160 Comments

Collecting Our Thoughts: Etude #2, by Iain BAXTER&

Etude #2, 1961 has been identified by internationally renowned artist IAIN BAXTER& (Canadian, b. 1936) as the formative early work that helped shape his career and propel him towards a life devoted to art. This important Canadian painting was recently added to the permanent collection of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

Etude #2 was created in 1961 while BAXTER& was living in Japan.  During this period, hand-made expressive abstractions were still new and challenged the then current artistic order in Canada. It is a unique and very rare work with an authentic feel.  It is a work seeking new ground.  In 1961, abstraction in Canada was definitely in its infancy, the number of practitioners…

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